PR, Marketing, Sales services for the premier luxury
brands promoting in Russia and CIS
TOP Signature offers:

Excellent brand promotion in Russia and CIS in travel segment and to direct clientele, using different Marketing and PR strategies
Sales support to travel agencies
PR and Communication
Monitoring and market analysis
Creation of tailor made Marketing strategy
Booking support
Translation/amendments/compilation of materials
Organization of events, cocktails, press-conferences, presentations, fam/press-trips
Participation in workshops, trainings, seminaries, conferences
Brand creation, development and support
Mailings and e-mailings to specialized data bases
TOP Signature`s policy:

The focus is our Client and his needs
Art of tailor made services
Client`s privacy
Organization of different scaled projects
Accomplishment of unique projects, meeting client`s objectives and requests
Limited number of projects at the same period

Top Signature

Hotel Representative Company
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